MJM Ranch LLP strives to provide the best Longhorn and Braunvieh cattle around. Please Contact us to enquire on any animal.

We started our Longhorn herd in 2013, with 2 cows, 2 heifers and a baby bull(son of Rolling Thunder). We are slowly growing this herd year by year. We are very selective on the cattle we purchase for breeding, to our outstanding bull. We believe that with the genetics behind our Longhorns, we should be able to compete with any ranch.

MJM Ranch has just started producing Braunvieh cattle. When we say Braunvieh, we say that loosely. The fact of the matter is that all our Braunvieh are mixed. We breed Braunvieh heifers and cows to either an Angus or another Angus/Braunvieh mix bull. We have seen that this produces better cattle for sale.

We currently have several Longhorn cattle for sale in our Sale Pen. Please visit our sale pen and take a look.